We serve a number of industries including thermoforming companies, distributors, and fabricators to produce end-consumer plastic products ranging from automotive parts to hockey rinks.


Our on-site warehouse space and materials-handling facilities allow us to stock multiple sheet sizes, a range of gauges, and a variety of standard colours.

Many different sheet requirements can be satisfied in a single order, thereby economizing freight costs, volume pricing and delivery for our clients.

Computer technology monitors  colour at point of extrusion and guarantees day-to-day and year-over-year consistency. For custom colours, we use two of the world’s largest colour compounders and provide rapid custom colour delivery from original match to final sheet run.

Production runs are aligned in a way that intentionally adds flex to production schedules. The result is some of the tightest-turn-around times in North America along with the ability to meet unexpected customer requirements.

Please contact us for further details including min./max. widths, minimum order volumes, and custom colour lead times.



(Acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene) is one of the most common thermoplastics used in a variety of industries. Properties such as high impact strength, excellent abrasion, resistance to chemicals, high heat and moisture resistance make it an ideal material for many applications including: thermoforming, machining, die-cutting, and plastic fabrication.

Spec sheets: Available upon request


Low Gloss ABS is an engineered resin co-extruded over ABS and is used for
low gloss applications such as motor vehicle dashboards, interior panels,
and trim.  This includes recreational vehicles, cars, trucks, heavy truck,
construction, and agricultural equipment.  These materials can be easily
thermoformed, drilled, and routered for any interior vehicle application.

Spec sheets: Available upon request


ASA (Acrylate Styrene Acrylonitrile) is a weather able polymer co-extruded over ABS. This combination offers well-balanced mechanical properties that lend themselves to many exterior applications including, recreational vehicles, marine, automotive and agricultural equipment applications. These materials can be thermoformed, drilled, and die-cut with relative ease.

Spec sheets: Available upon request


Acrylic capped ABS is a co-extruded sheet with a number of qualities. Acrylic capped ABS exhibits superior depth of image, excellent UV protection (Solarkote), chemical resistance and is thermoformable. These attributes lend themselves to number of applications including: marine, recreational vehicles, lawn / agricultural, spa’s and automotive accessories.

Spec sheets: Available upon request


Polyethylene is a monolayer-extruded polyolefin with a number of traits. These materials offer superior stress cracking, high impact and good rigidity. They can be UV treated, and custom colored for a number of applications. These resins lend themselves to finished products ranging from recreational vehicle parts to automotive dunnage. Both HDPE and HMWPE can be thermoformed, CNC router, die cut and machined.

Spec sheets: Available upon request


Thermoplastic Olefin (TPO) possesses a number of qualities. TPO offers low temperature toughness, low CTLE, UV stabilized, high impact and is designed to be thermoformed, machined, CNC router, and other processes. TPO can be utilized in a number of exterior and interior applications including, automotive parts, recreational vehicle parts, marine parts, garden / agricultural equipment and many other applications.

Spec sheets: Available upon request